Playroom Essentials

When your baby nears toddler-hood, you start to think about a playroom, or turning your nursery into a toddler room. We just turned one of our spare bedrooms into a playroom for Penelope and it was life changing to be honest. She was SO active and into everything, I wanted her to have a safe place to be able to explore, a “yes” environment. I love not having to chase her around constantly and worrying about her safety. I believe that this is very important for toddlers!

Here are some of my favorite playroom essentials!

  1. Books
    I honestly think books are incredibly important! Probably the most important and education item (items) you can have in your playroom! Fostering a love of books will expand a child’s vocabulary, increase attention span, and so much more. We have a bookshelf and several book baskets all around her playroom. Its so interesting to see what books she decides are her favorites for that day or week.
  2. A play kitchen This will allow children to engage in dramatic play (stirring, pouring, banging, cooking, feeding others, eating, etc). Also, play kitchens are wonderful for aiding in language development (hot, cold, plate, food, oven, door, sink, the possibilities are endless!). This is an item that you can purchase early on (we got ours at 9 months and she’s been “playing with it” since then! Children love play kitchens for years and years to come and it will likely end up being the toy that you have for the longest time.
  3. A teepeeKids can use their imagination with a teepee. It can be a fort, a reading nook, a house, or just somewhere fun to hide! These also look adorable.
  4. A shelf, bookshelf, and storage unitThese are super important for organizing your playroom!
  5. Toys
    Okay so this is obvious and generic. I suggest educational toys, but this will totally depend on you and your child. Some great choices are stacking toys, stuffed animals, push toys, a play house
  6. Puzzles!
    Puzzles are fun and educational, and a great addition to any playroom.

Those are some of my top choices! What do you have in your playroom?

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